Potential for a circular economy at several spatial scales (case region Genk)

Jobs circulaire economie

After the closure of Ford Genk in 2014, the Flemish Government decided to set up the 'SALK' investment programme. This programme consists of several sub-projects and in order to achieve regional coordination and a win-win for the several investments planned in SALK, a Territorial Development Programme (T.OP) Limburg was established. OVAM is involved in this project through its soil policy and through the Flanders' Materials Programme, in the RE-MINE Poort Genk component. The objective of RE-MINE Poort Genk is to create more coherence in the city: consistency in activity and urban development. This consistency could be achieved by fully focusing on the "Circular economy". In the first place, we are looking to the existing potential in product and service system design (engineering and manufacturing) and smart logistics (reverse logistics). Through a prospective study, we examine what potential exists in these two domains to close cycles of materials, energy and knowledge better, and transform Genk into a circular hub for the wider economic development of the Albert Canal.